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Online Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Communities: Reddit’s /r/bjj

Reddit r/bjj
The Internet has been a huge factor in the evolution of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Reddit’s /r/bjj forum plays a major role. Need advice about a specific technique? Looking for the results of the latest IBJJF event? Shopping for a new gi, rashguard, or grappling shorts and want some recommendations? On the road and want to visit a BJJ academy during your trip? Look no further.

The Internet being what it is, one might expect an online forum devoted to an activity based on throwing people to the ground then choking them unconscious or bending their joints in unnatural ways to be overrun by keyboard warriors hopped up on testosterone and a desire to prove themselves through their fingers—especially since Brazilian jiu-jitsu is dominated by teenage-to-thirtysomething males.

But /r/bjj regulates itself admirably well and the presence of quite a few high-level practitioners (including moderator and influential BJJ blogger Aesopian) means that there’s a goldmine of knowledge and experience to draw on. Sift through the fluff and you’ll find one of the best online resources for jiu-jitsu. To quote a training partner: “reading Facebook is like scanning Reddit from two days ago.”

To get you started, here are two recent discussions from the /r/bjj forum. Both deal with the ever-popular topic of belt levels, but from a slightly different angle.

Let me clear a misconception about promotions.” Discussion started by /u/Rscpbjj (black belt).

Black belts: what is the difference between purple belt you and black belt you?” Question posed by /u/RatioFitness (purple belt).


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